Vertical Business Card Mockup on Stands by Yuri Panasyuk

Finding a mockup that best present your business card design is an important step in the process of showcasing your work. The right mockup is going to help your client get an idea of how his/her business card will look when printed, but will also allow you to feature the design in your portfolio in a way that is far more flattering than a flat preview image.

This vertical card mockup was created by Yuri Panasyuk might just be the right one, specially if you’ve designed a vertical business card. This is a premium mockup, so you need to pay a few bucks for it, but the value this preview add to your work pays for it easy, and actually, a lot more. Remember that once you have this file in your design toolbox you can use it over and over again on future projects, so there’s no excuse to not get one for yourself.




I’m sure the previews above speak a lot by themselves, but I feel compelled to add a few words on how Yuri has done an excellent job creating these mockups.

The Photoshop file is very easy to navigate with multiple layers, all of them highly organised, and with the help of Photoshop’s handy smart object feature, all you need to do is to drop your own designs in the file to generate up to three different perspectives, each one with a printing quality of 300dpi and 2500 by 1600 pixels for high resolution previews.

If you think this is the business card mockup for you, then point your browser to Yuri’s store on Creative Market and get yourself a copy; and if you do that, please come back here to tell us what you think of it, we would love if you do that.