The Original Business Card Mockup by Original Mockups (FREE)

Complex isn’t always better – and this elegant and simple mockup can show just that off. A white backdrop is unassuming enough, though slight shadows cast by the two stacks of cards (one showing the front of the card, the other the back) add a little depth of field to the image. Show your business card mockup simply and easily and without the frills that can sometimes accompany mockups with this simple, elegant, realistic and straight-forward mockup from Original Mockups.

A single PSD file makes for an easy choice of what you’re doing – there’s no organizational hassle here. You can drop the smart object if your own design into the PSD in order to see what your card looks like on this mockup, and with 1280 by 768 pixels you will be able to easily display your own card within this mockup – and better yet, it’s ready for an easy print-out.




Head over to Original Mockups’ page here and download the mockup for free, or look around for other ones that strike your fancy. Original Mockups, thanks again!