Stack Business Card Mockup by Antonio Padilla

In this easy to use business card mockup you have a simple and elegant way of displaying your business card designs to your customers. With just two natural looking piles with immense detail down to every corner of each card, you will be able to display your designs beautifully.

Antonio Padilla has put his design mind into this work and created a business card mockup with high quality shadows, depth of field and minimalist display. There are no distractions for your clients when they see their cards in this fashion. They will be able to properly imagine their cards being stacked on their desks and it’s so easy for you to use.

You get 1 PSD file that has been setup with smart objects for easy editing. All the folders and files are organized well so you won’t ever get lost, and you are able to just stick your designs into the smart layer and the cards will be displayed in high quality stacks. The photorealistic mockup is 3500x2500px which makes it extreme high quality. This allows you to zoom in, crop it, cut it up and display it any way you can imagine.

The simplistic red background makes the cards pop and has a realistic depth of field, however you are also able to change the background colors with the smart layer features or add in your own background if you choose.

Your designs will be easily put in to this business card mockup so you can start showing your clients what it looks like to own a stack of business cards with your design on them. You will be able to get started immediately with the easy to use files and high quality displays.