Rounded Corners Business Card Mockup Over Red Wood Texture (FREE)

Red wood catches the eye with its inherent elegance – and round edges keep away from an offensive image that might turn attention away with the hint of a sharp edge. This business card mockup comes to us with a quieter and classier display, working in more muted shapes and colours to impress the viewer – and it comes to you for free! This mockup can be downloaded without a penny, and you might find that it’s just what you need for your business card display.

A single PSD file is all that’s needed for something this concise, and high resolutions make sure that you don’t have to worry about grainy or blurry imagery. Smart objects come in so you can paste your own designs in without any hassle, setting this mockup up in just a few clicks.


If you like this mockup, be sure to head over to Finest Graphics page to compliment the artist – and thanks to Finest Graphics for letting us use this card as part of the mockup series.