Rounded Corners Business Card Mockup on a Wood Table (FREE)

The friendly guys at Finest Graphics created this easy to edit business card mockup file so you can present your work in the most elegant way possible. This is the perfect mockup for starting designers as the file also allows the use of any of the elements inside the PSD file, so you could actually create a business card right there.



When you designing a business card you need display it to your client in a way that they can imagine having it next to them. The photorealistic and perspective wood in this image does just that, making the client feel that their business card is on the table in front of them. The shadows are just right so the business card pops slightly off the table, and the simplicity of just two business cards make it very imaginable for the client.

This high quality work is in a well-organized PSD file with named layers so you can easily edit it for your needs. The designers at Finest Graphics have also offered this for free so you can download it and start displaying your designs right away. Check out the video below where you can see the opening of the file on a screencast.

This will really help you display your business card designs in a realistic and simple way, from the detail in the wood, to the extreme close up of the cards themselves. The cards have a 3D look so they really look real, and with a high resolution of 2500x1880px so a download it free and start using it. If you do, be sure to leave a comment below. Thanks!