Letterpress Business Card Mockup on Stand by Item Bridge

Another design from Creative Market offers you 6 different mock-ups to present your business card designs in the most professional way. This set has many features and extras that you don’t usually get with business card mock-ups and they make your work stand out above the crowd.

There are six different types of mockups, each with a unique angle or spin to it. There are both vertical and horizontal designs so your card can be displayed every which way and the designs with any type of card design you are using. The cards are presented in a photorealistic graphic with some features that are unseen in most mockups. Unlike traditional mock-ups where the card is simply in a pile, in this beautiful design there are two cards being held in a standing clip so the card is lifted off the surface and presented on a realistic leather surface.

The PSD files are created with ease of use in mind, they are well organized in folders and layers and use smart layers so you can add and edit your work with no hassle. There are optional extra designs to make your design unique so that when your clients get the design they really feel like it’s just for them. You can add an optional grunge filter that gives a classic used up look. You can also add an optional letterpress paper texture to make your cards look that much more realistic and control the sides and reflection colors.

There is a detailed help file so you are not left on your own. Every feature and option is covered and you are walked through everything so you can get going right away. Your business card designs will look professional, high class and unique with these 6 letterpress business card mock-ups.




If you want to have access to these beautiful and highly editable designs then head on over to this link and pick them up.