Business Card Mockup on Black Leather Texture (FREE)

Are you looking for a clean and simple mockup to show your latest business card design to a client? Or perhaps you want to showcase it with a minimalist style on your portfolio? Either way, I think you’re going to love this business card mockup.

Portland-based designer Jeff Johnson is the mind and talent behind the creation of this minimalist business card mockup. With a black leather background, this is pretty much the perfect solution for when you need to be straightforward on your presentation. You could, of course, create your own mockup from scratch, but hey, why do the hard work if someone else has already done it for you?


Business card mockup on a black leather texture created by Jeff Johnson.

What I most like about this mockup is that is very easy on the eyes, is not over-reaching to grab your attention, what sometimes can be a real pain in the backside—some clients have a real hard time trying to understand mockups with more sophisticated perspectives; and quite obviously, with a 1800 by 1800 pixels resolution, you could easily print that in a large preview size—believe it or not—, some clients actually need to do that in order to make up their minds about the design.

The fact is that this is a well made mockup, and the best thing is that it’s also free; and yes, you should thank Jeff for that. You can download it straight out of Jeff’s page on DeviantArt where he goes by the username monochromatic. If you do, be sure to say thanks, and please, don’t forget to tell him where you found his mockup.