Business Card Mockup on a Jute Canvas (FREE)

The awesome guys at Pixeden have created an extremely high quality photorealistic mockup and your business card design is going to come to life with it. You can’t help but think it’s a photo, so even the less artsy of clients are not going to have any problem understanding how great your design is going to look like when printed.

There are two small piles of cards on top of each other, and each is slighted edged so you can actually see the details of the many cards underneath. The cards are placed on a jute canvas background in such way that you can both, front and back of the design. That makes this mockup perfect for food related projects; even more if your client is in the naturalist or organic niche.


Well placed shadows and blur effects on the background make this mockup stand out on the screen like a photo would do, so when your clients lay their eyes on it, they will feel like their business card has already been printed, and hopefully they will approve your design immediately.


The Photoshop file is perfectly organized so is very easy to play around with and you can easily apply your own front and back designs using the smart object layer feature. Pixeden has created and shared a video showing how easy is to use their mockup to generate your own preview images, check out below:

The guys at Pixeden are being really kind in sharing such a great mockup for free, so if you download and use this file—download a copy for yourself using this link—, be sure to give them a thumbs up writing some nice words in the comment are below.