Business Card Mockup Number One by Caio Calderari

São Paulo-based designer Caio Calderari put together this business card mockup on a wood plank which he interestingly named the number one. I suspect that’s because this is his first ever business card mockup, but maybe that’s because this is such an excellent mockup that it’s the best mockup you’ll ever find?

Either way, I think that’s plenty more coming so I will bet on my first guess. Meanwhile, why don’t you give it a try? If you like what you see here, and maybe think that your design will look great on Caio’s mockup, get one here.





It’s worth adding that this business card was created with high resolution—that means the file is set at 300dpi—so you can export really large image previews out of it; and you can do that extremely easy as the file was prepared using the handy-dandy Photoshop Smart Object feature which makes creating your own mockup with this file a breeze—you probably wouldn’t need more than thirty seconds to generate a mockup with it. Well, that’s if your computer is up to it of course.