Business Card in Cardboard Box Mockup by Giorgio Voulioti (FREE)

Designer Giorgio Voulioti has brought this fantastic business card mockup to us – on a visual level the mockup incorporates a mix of colour – white, yellow and blue – to make a pleasing clash and imposes with a cardboard box and solid grey flooring. They don’t just have to be on top of the box: you can display your cards within the box, outside of it, a mix of both or even flying out to your preference! With the immense measure of both quality and quantity this mockup is worth the buy.

Giorgio has outdone himself with the sheer amount of variety included inside of this mockup – and the technical specs are nothing to scoff at. Seven unique and different settings can give you different looks and feels as you please, with the file organized in different layers and folders and each one optimized for a business card mockup around 9 by 5 centimetres. A sharp depth of field and well done lights and shadows lend this a precision that some mockups can lack, and between the four high resolution textures and the high res presentation (coming at 3000×2000 pixels – 300 dots per inch!) you won’t find yourself sorry for using this business card mockup. It’s expansive, it’s well done, and you can’t go wrong with it.






Drop over to Giorgio’s Behance page and pick up this mockup – and thanks to Giorgio for letting us display his mockup here. It’s a pleasure!