20 Business Cards Mockup by Antonio Padilla

Variety is important in all things, including in—guess what—business card mockup files, and this premium mockup created by Antonio Padilla does just that, and then brings it to the next level. Do you want a flat view of a stack with your cards on a grey background? Or perhaps three stacks? Or maybe six individual cards sitting next to one another? Or multiple stacks with different numbers of cards within them? With this mockup you’ll get all of this options and then a bit more, this file is a solid example of a good business card mockup.

Here’s what Antonio has to say about his mockup…

An incredible collection of Business Cards Mockups to show your work, 20 different shots to choose the one you like and fits what you need. All angles you need to display your business cards in one package.


It’s hard to do this justice—a full 20 PSD files mean you can pick the angle and shot that best fits your needs, and with the help of Photoshop’s smart objects feature that means that once your design is complete, you can paste it into the mockup, and generate your preview image in the drop of a hat.


All of image previews can be exported at 3500×2500 pixels resolution for a solid definition, the mockup is extremely well organized, and the background colour can be also easily changed—if you prefer, red to blue or orange to grey.

If this is the sort of design flexibility and mockup variety that you think you need, be sure to head over to the Antonio’s Creative Market page to get yourself a copy of this monster mockup, and if you do, be sure to leave a comment below as we would love to know your thoughts on it. Thanks!