10 Realistic Business Card Mockups by Edd Biel

Dudley-based graphic designer Edd Biel is the brain power and talent of course behind the creation of this awesomely realistic business card mockup collection with 10 different perspectives, a delight to any designer looking to impress a potential client in an instant. This set of mockups come with two distinct wood textures that were handcrafted to perfection with depth of field blurs and lighting environmentals, and it’s available at Edd’s store together with a great deal more of pixel perfect design resources that you’re surely going to love as well.






If you liked these mockups, be sure to pay a visit to Edd’s curated magazine as well, he shares loads of interesting stuff such as some general design news, free resources and more. Oh, and by the way, if you’ve stumbled on another realistic mockup that we haven’t shared around here yet, please give us a tip by sending us a message as we’re always in the look for awesome business cards mockups such as the one above.