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90×50 Business Card Mockup by Uri Panasyuk

A premium mockup should give you options – multiple perspectives that offer multiple different angles. A plain background makes sure that your business card will be front and centre, and this mockup brought to us by Yuri Panasyuk does all of that and more. The different perspectives and stacks make sure that you can set […]

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10 Realistic Business Card Mockups by Edd Biel

Dudley-based graphic designer Edd Biel is the brain power and talent of course behind the creation of this awesomely realistic business card mockup collection with 10 different perspectives, a delight to any designer looking to impress a potential client in an instant. This set of mockups come with two distinct wood textures that were handcrafted […]

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Bio Business Card Mockup by Vítek Prchal

This beautifully designed business card mockup comes with two angles of view and many adjustable features. The Bio theme by Vitek Prchal comes with two designs and three backgrounds. Each background is a photorealistic wooden crate background so it looks like your designs have been naturally put on down and had a picture snapped of […]

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85×55 Business Card Mockup by Uri Panasyuk

Mockups are important – and as always it’s great to have options. Six different perspectives of business cards arranged in different ways can do the trick: a simple background can bring a professional feeling to mind, and the 85×55 cards arranged and stacked up together can do the same in a powerful way. As always […]

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Photographic Business Card Mockup by Mikołaj Podlasek

With so many different options of business card mockups to choose from, how do you know you are making the right choice? Well, if you use this one, I’m sure you will be choosing well my friend. Polish designer Mikołaj Podlasek offer his customers (that could be you) a mockup that can generate multiple perspectives, up to a total of […]

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Transparent Business Card Mockup by Pixelions

At Graphic River, Pixelions has created this unique, elegant business card mock up for transparent business cards. The photorealistic graphics have a realistic depth of field with each design and several different backgrounds to choose from. There are four customizable angles that he cards can be viewed at, and four realistic backgrounds. There is a […]

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Photorealistic Business Card Mockup on Wood Surface

This mockup blends professional and casual look together to create a look-and-feel that makes any startup os small business card looks great. Available in four different angles, which includes a special shot with an inked stamper, this is a perfect match for those stamped cards that indie companies love so much. All you need to do is to add your design into the […]

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Business Card Mockup Number One by Caio Calderari

São Paulo-based designer Caio Calderari put together this business card mockup on a wood plank which he interestingly named the number one. I suspect that’s because this is his first ever business card mockup, but maybe that’s because this is such an excellent mockup that it’s the best mockup you’ll ever find? Either way, I […]

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Luxury Business Card Mockups by Silviu Stefu

Create by Targu Jiu-based designer Silviu Stefu, this seems to be the perfect choice for any fashion-related project. All thanks to the choice of perspectives, but perhaps it’s the vibrant gold color present in the majority of the chosen backgrounds that led me to perceive it this way. If nothing else, the set of previews below will serve as a practical […]

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