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Letterpress Business Card Mockup with Painted Edges (FREE)

Romanian designer Raul Taciu is the creative behind this photorealistic letterpress business card mockup with painted edges, which by-the-way can be changed as quick as you would by using a color picker because it was made using a photo filter adjustment layer. If you speak Photoshop language, you know what I’m talking about, but if you don’t, need not […]

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Photographic Business Card Mockup by Mikołaj Podlasek

With so many different options of business card mockups to choose from, how do you know you are making the right choice? Well, if you use this one, I’m sure you will be choosing well my friend. Polish designer Mikołaj Podlasek offer his customers (that could be you) a mockup that can generate multiple perspectives, up to a total of […]

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Silver Business Card Mockup by Jose Polanco (FREE)

Created by Barcelona-based designer José Polanco, this silver mockup is yet another great example of a vertical business card mockup made to perfection. Polanco is sharing it with the design community for free—always something we love to share around—and you can download yourself a copy using this link. If you’ve found his mockup through our site, be sure to […]

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Transparent Business Card Mockup by Pixelions

At Graphic River, Pixelions has created this unique, elegant business card mock up for transparent business cards. The photorealistic graphics have a realistic depth of field with each design and several different backgrounds to choose from. There are four customizable angles that he cards can be viewed at, and four realistic backgrounds. There is a […]

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Photorealistic Business Card Mockup on Wood Surface

This mockup blends professional and casual look together to create a look-and-feel that makes any startup os small business card looks great. Available in four different angles, which includes a special shot with an inked stamper, this is a perfect match for those stamped cards that indie companies love so much. All you need to do is to add your design into the […]

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Business Card Mockup Number One by Caio Calderari

São Paulo-based designer Caio Calderari put together this business card mockup on a wood plank which he interestingly named the number one. I suspect that’s because this is his first ever business card mockup, but maybe that’s because this is such an excellent mockup that it’s the best mockup you’ll ever find? Either way, I […]

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